125lt AquaMAX electric hot water heater


125 litre AquaMAX hot water system

  • Tempering valve
  • Cold water expansion valve
  • Pressure reduction valve
  • NRI valve

Supplied and fully installed, includes all valves, plumbing and electrical, QBCC form 4 fees paid and council forms lodged

Disposal of old hot water system

Call for price confirmation and available times for installation, No tricks no extras just best prices straight up

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AquaMAX hot water systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast
Rheem hot water systems made AquaMAX hot water heater


125 Litre electric AquaMAX hot water system

AquaMAX hot water systems is manufactured by Rheem hot water and have a 10 year tank warranty

We have the AquaMAX Hot Water Systems at the best prices in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island and Gympie,  Free Quotes and Payment plans available (TAP)

We include everything in our hot water installations, no surprises no tricks just the best price and service Get your Rheem made AquaMAX hot water system today from Brisbane Hot Water Heaters

All our installations include the following-

  • Tempering valve
  • Cold water expansion valve
  • Pressure reduction valve
  • Non return isolating valve
  • QBCC form 4 Council fees
  • Plumbing and Electrical by Qualified and fully licensed trades people
  • Disposal of your old hot water system is also in our pricing

Suitable for kitchen’s, small units and granny flats, not available to be connected to any off peak power source


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