AquaMAX hot water systems

Aquamax hot water systems brisbane and sunshine coast by suncity hot water

AquaMAX hot water heaters, a brand that originated in Victoria in the 1988 and within the first 6 years had grown to be a major player in the Victorian hot water industry and  manufactured over 100,000 hot water systems. In 2004, AquaMAX started the mild steel cylinder with vitreous enamel internal coated hot water manufacturing and by 2009 had sold over half a million systems.

Rheem purchased the AquaMAX hot water company in August 2009.

Rheem ceased the manufacturing of AquaMAX’s electric VE range in Melbourne and now they are made within the Rheem facilities alongside the Rheem and Vulcan water heaters in Sydney.
Since the Rheem takeover, the AquaMAX brand has slowly been downsized and now only have electric and stainless steel storage gas hot water systems in their range.

AquaMAX hot water systems have warranties of 7 and 10 years on the cylinders, depends on what size the system is, the smaller the storage capacity, the lower the warranty

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AquaMAX electric hot water systems
AquaMAX gas hot water systems Brsiabne and Sunshine Coast
AquaMAX hot water systems Victorian manufacturing plant

Rheem own AquaMAX hot water systems,
this is their hot water manufacturing site in Victoria,
Australian made hot water systems