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We have a few brands of heat pump water heaters that we carry in stock at all times, we also can get any brand should you have a preference. We have a large range of Heat Pump Hot Water System spare parts for most of the reputable heat pump brands in stock

FAST heat pump hot water heater repairs and installations in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island and Gympie

The Enviroheat Heat Pump water heater is manufactured by Haier, the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, and is owned by Fisher and Paykel for the Western Australian company Energie Group, which also owns Envirosun solar hot water systems. Although this heat pump model may be rather new to the Australian market, it has a long-standing track record worldwide. We have installed dozens of these and found them to be an exceptional product, as are all the other products that the Energie Group produces.

Prices listed are for like-for-like installation. All prices include all valves, plumbing, and electrical work by licensed tradespeople, as well as QBCC Form 4 fees and council requirements.

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Enviroheat 200 litre heat pump hot water system fully installed for as low as $22.25* per week over 3 years after a small deposit (TAP). Enviroheat 250 litre heat pump hot water heater installed with absolutely everything included from $23.50* per week after a deposit paid on installation (TAP). We can do a little better on the price when you pay in full when the Enviroheat hot water heater is installed. We also accept credit card, EFT, and cash as alternative payment options. Call us now on 1300 728 122 for more details and completely honest hot water advice. *Terms and conditions apply on payment plans, and a simple, easy approval process is required before installation.
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