Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems

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Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems

Envirosun offers both roof-mounted tanks and split systems, where the storage tank is installed on the ground. These systems are referred to as TS (Thermosyphon Solar) and AS (Active Solar).

Below is some details on both Envirosun solar hot water system types
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Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast
Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water system

The Envirosun TS Plus 300 litre 2 panel thermosyphon solar hot water heater is a top-of-the-line product with a roof-mounted cylinder made in Holland from high-grade 444 Stainless Steel for a longer life expectancy. It also features 2 high solar absorption solar collector panels, available in two sizes: 2m2 (2BC panel) and 2.5m2 (25BC panel). This provides a larger solar collection area of 4m4 and 5m2 respectively, which is 20% larger than most other brands for solar hot water systems on the market.

The Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water system is a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for most homes, boasting a 10-year tank warranty and 7-year solar panel warranty. Its unique thermosiphon system design combines the hot water storage cylinder and the solar collector panels as one seamless unit, ensuring natural convection of hot water rising through the system into an insulated storage tank located above the solar panels on the right-hand side as cooler water from the tank falls from the left into the lowest part of the solar panels, minimising any energy required.

The Envirosun Thermosiphon System has been designed with the latest cutting-edge technology, utilising the strongest materials and state-of-the-art tank protection valves and systems to ensure a long operating life in all environments, from freezing temperatures to extreme heat. Envirosun is a Western Australian company operated by a family with family values and integrity, providing the ultimate in durability, reliability and affordability. Their high level of quality control sets them apart from foreign-owned multinational corporations.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Envirosun solar hot water system, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service area includes Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island, Kilcoy and Gympie. With an Envirosun TS solar hot water system, you can expect to save the average family-sized home over $5000 in power costs compared to an electric hot water system over the expected life, even after accounting for all installation costs.

Envirosun solar hot water systems

Envirosun TS Plus Solar hot water system brochure
Envirosun AS solar hot water system

The Envirosun AS solar hot water system refers to an “active solar” and is also known as a split system solar hot water heater. They offer greater flexibility in location, improved aesthetics for your home, and larger storage tank capacities to suit the size of your home and number of occupants. Envirosun AS solar hot water systems only require the solar panels (collectors) to be installed on the roof, with the storage tank located at ground level or any other convenient location.

The Envirosun active solar hot water systems are relatively simple in operation – when the solar panels/collectors are able to add heat into the storage tank, a small pump is switched on to circulate hot water from the collectors and replace it with cooler water from the tank. This happens when the solar panels have temperatures 8 degrees above the water in the storage tank. Once the tank is full of hot water, the pump is switched off but ready for the next cycle, and no power is used. The solar circulation pumps are very small and have a negligible power draw (22W) when in operation. The Salmson solar pump also makes no noise and only circulates the water at approximately 3 litres per minute through the solar panels to gain maximum heat.

The Envirosun AS solar hot water system comes with a 7-year warranty on the storage tank and also 7 years on the solar panels, 2 years on the components.

Envirosun is a family-owned company located in Western Australia that prides themselves on a high level of integrity. They have the highest level of quality control, which makes the Envirosun solar hot water choice a smart one. Being Australian-owned keeps the profits and employment in Australia.

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An Envirosun AS solar hot water system will save the average family-sized home over $5,000, even after taking the installation costs into consideration when compared to an electric water heater.

Envirosun solar hot water systems

Envirosun AS Solar hot water system brochure

Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems have one of the highest rated solar hot water panels in Australia

As tested by the Australian Governments Office of Renewable Energy,  approved testing agency, the new range of Envirosun solar hot water panels have achieved new STC ratings that left other brands such as Rheem and Solahart way behind. For instance in the Zone 3 area of South East QLD and most of NSW the Envirosun TS Plus roof mounted solar received a rating of 40 STC points. Rheem and Solahart hot water systems range from 28 to 32 at their best leaving them a massive 25-35% behind.

Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems are available for supply and installation throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gympie, and Bribie Island.

We offer the best prices and service for Envirosun solar hot water systems as an authorised Envirosun warranty and dealer agent. Brisbane Hot Water Heaters has been using Envirosun products for over a decade and considers this brand to be the best solar hot water system in the Australian market.

Envirosun products are known for their quality, and we provide an unmatched level of after-sales warranty and customer service. As a 100% Australian-owned company, Envirosun is the only true hot water manufacturer that can make this claim.

Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
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