AquaMAX Hot Water Systems

All Brisbane Hot Water Heaters System supply and installation prices include everything needed when replacing a hot water system in the same location and a comparable size of any brand

We always INCLUDE in our hot water system prices-

  • Tempering valve 
  • Cold water expansion valve 
  • Pressure reduction valve
  • NRI valve

Plus /-  QBCC form 4 Council fees, Plumbing and Electrical by fully licensed trades persons, discharge drains to approved location, disposal of your old hot water system and GST

We don’t do the price is PLUS valves, they are required for every installation and serve a purpose and like the hot water system have a life expectancy, if your hot water system needs replacing it means these valves are of the same age or older

That’s just a silly game to get to your home and then charge exorbitant prices for products that are ALWAYS needed, check out the link below for real costs

Installation regulations for a hot water system in Queensland Click Here

Comparing costs Click here

We have been in business servicing southeast Queensland for hot water repairs and replacements for well over 20 years