Below is the fully installed prices  of the Rheem brand of electric hot water heaters in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, including Caboolture, Bribie Island and Gympie

When comparing prices for hot water heaters be very weary of the hot water companies out their offering a cheap initial price for the supply and installation, then say its plus the extra valves required. If your water heater needs replacing this means the valves are of same age or even older as your hot water tank, they also have a life expectancy that does not exceed the hot water cylinder and in some cases the manufacturer recommends replacement of some valves every 5 years, so if you water heater is 10 years or older, the valves require updating anyways. This is a ploy they use to get to your home and then charge you twice  the amount they are worth to cover the cheap installation price they quoted you

In Queensland you are required by QBCC regulations to have a form 4 submitted and fees paid, this is submission that goes to your local council for random inspection and must have fitted the following valves with every hot water heater replacement, no exception, anything less is a substandard illegal installation and will void warranties

  • Duo / NRI valve
  • Cold water expansion valve
  • Pressure reduction valve
  • Tempering valve

Brisbane Hot Water Heaters prices are an all price, we don’t come to your home and try to extract more than what we have quoted, we have been in business for over 20 years only doing hot water heater repairs and replacements so we know what is involved in doing our job. Every single price for a hot water heater and installation that we quote you also includes

  • Removal and disposal of your old hot water tank incl tip fees
  • All Electrical and Plumbing by Fully qualified highly trained and licensed tradespeople
  • All the fittings and materials required
  • QBCC “form 4” Council Fees paid an lodged

Rheem Electric hot water systems come in 7 year 10 and 12 year warranties on the storage cylinders

Rheem is Australia’s No’1 recognised hot water manufacturer, Rheem has had their hot water manufacturing plant for their electric range in Sydney since 1939.

Rheem also manufacture the AquaMAX and Vulcan range of electric hot water services at the same facilities as the rheem labelled heaters.


25 Litre Rheem electric hot water systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast
25 Litre Electric Hot Water Heater
50 litre Rheem electric hot water system Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
50 Litre Electric Hot Water Heater
80 litre Rheem electric hot water systems Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
80 Litre Electric Hot Water Heater
125 litre Rheem electric hot watr systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast
125 Litre Electric Hot Water Heater
160 Litre Electric Rheem hot water heater Brisbane And Sunshine Coast
160 Litre Electric Hot Water Heater
250 Litre electric Rheem hot water systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Bribie Island
250 Litre Electric hot Water Heater