Getting the right information from plumbers

We get calls everyday from people wanting advice and prices after they have had a plumber or electrician out to their hot water system not work correctly

From being told they need a entire new hot waters system as its not repairable to this type of hot water system is not effective and quote to change from a very cheap running environmental hot water system to a standard electric hot water heater, just because they do not know how they work or are accredited to work or install them, especially in solar hot water systems and heat pump water heaters

Yes in some cases hot water systems are not repairable, the no name brands have disappeared from existence , but in 95% of cases if your hot water system isn’t leaking water from the cylinder it is repairable. We are hot water system specialists and can and do repair hot water heaters everyday.

We just had a phone call from a guy in Brisbane who has a 400 litre Thermalsol solar hot water system and was told it was not repairable and he should replace it with a standard electric hot water. This option will increase the families electricity bill by $700-$1000 per year, so in 2 years they have paid more than what a solar hot water system would have cost and then they continue to have very high electrical costs for the next 10 year life of the hot water system. They were never told about running costs and quoted only $1500 less than what our new solar hot water system price is. My advice is do your home work do take the advice of a all rounder plumber and electrician, get a expert in that actually knows how every thing works, know how to repair them and can give you factual honest recommendation

Our payment plans on solar hot water systems are only a few dollar a week more than your electrical saving and after 2-3 year you will be way ahead

SunCity hot water are trusted hot water specialists, even the hot water manufacture’s like Bosch, Rheem, Envirosun, Vulcan, AquaMAX, Enviroheat, Rinnai, AVG and more use us to repair and service their hot water systems and components

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